2024 Asia lifestyle consumer profile 2024 Asia lifestyle consumer profile

2024 Asia lifestyle consumer profile

3月 12, 2024


Tracking lifestyle consumption drivers & trends across Asia

This study is the fourth volume of Bluebell Group’s Asia Lifestyle Consumer Profile. Based on an Asia-wide survey covering 1,750 premium lifestyle consumers across six markets, we present insights into the evolving sentiments and trends shaping consumption across premium and luxury segments including fashion, accessories & footwear, beauty, fragrance & make-up, active lifestyle and jewellery & watch.

The 2024 report focuses on understanding the concept of value: how Asian consumers perceive the value of luxury brands amidst global instability and economic uncertainties. Against the backdrop of the pandemic’s aftermath, the study explores the significant shifts in consumer behaviours and values, with emerging trends towards redefining lifestyles, emphasising well-being, sports, spirituality and experiential pursuits.

Key trends have emerged in our study:

  1. Value appreciation: A consumer mindset focused on reputation, quality AND investment value
  2. Quality of service: A consumer expectation not to be underestimated.
  3. Pricing alignment: Channel agnostic consumers in search of the best price