Bluebell ventures beyond retail

Bluebell ventures beyond retail

Reflecting the character of our founders, entrepreneurship is central to our culture and business. We believe in contributing to the success of entrepreneurs in Asia, and are inherently interested to invest in companies with distinctive value for the retail industry.

Bluebell acts as a business angel and growth accelerator through equity participation in brands we represent; or businesses and start-ups with innovative and disruptive concepts that have high potential in Asia.

Leveraging our expertise and networks to grow their operations, we support businesses with equity investment, consultancy on different Asian markets, and distribution or marketing strategies. Our investments are generally a minority position and can range from US$50,000 to US$3,000,000.


Disruptive companies involved directly or indirectly in the luxury and lifestyle online and offline retail


We usually take small minority investments in projects that are already in operation (series A), and we take large majority investments at a seed stage into projects that have not started yet in which we are a key operator


Luxury and lifestyle Retail and e-commerce disruption


Companies operating in Asia or targeting the Asia market out of Europe or America


We take a long term view on projects and only exit once it has reached its full maturity


We put our network, expertise, reputation and seal of approval behind these projects, leading the way for many institutional investors to follow