Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle
Fragrance & Beauty

The pioneer of contemporary luxury perfume.

Frederic Malle has selected perfumers who are experts in the field of perfume and are known worldwide for their exceptional skills. These rare talents have created numerous famous fragrances for prestigious brands.

Frederic Malle is the “editor” of the creations created by the perfumers-artists. By removing the limits of the perfumers’ creativity and leading them into the realm of the olfactory sense, the perfume, a work of art, is true – a classic of tomorrow.

現代におけるラグジュアリー パルファムの先駆者―。


そして、彼らがアーティストとして創り上げる作品にフレデリック・マルは‘編集者’として寄り添います。調香師たちの創造の限界を取り払い、更なる嗅覚の領域へと導くことで生まれるパルファムという芸術作品は、まさに ―明日のクラシック。