Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea has cultivated both tradition and modernity while creating original, iconic recipes for the last 150 years. Kusmi Tea blends are the result of authentic know-how and are produced and packaged in its workshops in France, using the finest tea leaves. 

Kusmi Tea represents the “marriage” of flavors, cultures, and colors, and has always embodied the beauty of blends. 

The Brand is now finishing its transition into Organic, defining its RAISON D’ÊTRE as :
“Imagining and designing good, healthy products for humans, committed and respectful of women, while preserving the planet and its biodiversity”

150年以上の歴史を誇りフランスを代表する老舗ティーメゾン「クスミティー(KUSMI TEA)」は、クラッシックなブレンドから現代的なフレーバーまで、歴史と伝統を重んじるティーソムリエが、世界中から厳選された最高級の素材を用織りなすプレミアムティーです。


Official Japanese E-commerce website: www.kusmitea.jp