A consumer-centric approach to success in Asia


Our methodology is focused on the acceleration of brand growth in Asia, through an omni-channel, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and multi-model approach.


Seek out the right brands and business partners

Design the optimal strategy for each brand in each market

Leverage local networks and engage relevant resources

Implement the optimal strategy and engage the Asian consumer

Ensure brand success with new growth prospects in Asia

  • Local industry and market outlooks
  • Asian consumer trends
  • Key market opportunities
  • Individual strategy for each Asian Market
  • Optimal distribution plan across channels
  • Tailor made business partnership structure
  • Real estate owner partners
  • Digital operator partners
  • Marketing and PR activation
  • Human Resources plan
  • Legal and IT support setup
  • Omni-channel store & operations roll-out
  • Ongoing training by the Retail Academy
  • Creative localised activations with marketing and PR
  • Customer relationship management and customer service
  • Back office management
  • Monitoring the business and continuously adapting to local market trends
  • Identifying opportunities for further growth
  • Empowering local innovation
  • Scaling and optimizing the operations


Seamless omni-channel experience for the Asian consumer



A full platform of services and resources immediately available across product categories, functions and expertise.

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Knowledge and flexibility to create different business models for success

As an independent, family-owned group, we are flexible to tailor and devise the business models which best suit our partners.

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Exclusive Distribution

Management Services


Travel Retail Management

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