2022 Asia lifestyle consumer profile 2022 Asia lifestyle consumer profile

2022 Asia lifestyle consumer profile

July 20, 2022

2022 Asia lifestyle consumer profile

Tracking lifestyle consumption drivers & trends across Asia

This study is the second volume of the “Asia Lifestyle Consumer Profile”.  Based on an Asia-wide survey covering 2,100 premium lifestyle consumers across 6 markets – Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia (Singapore and Malaysia) – the study outlines five leading consumer personas and sheds light on evolving trends shaping consumption across premium and luxury segments including fashion, accessories & footwear, beauty, fragrance & make-up, active lifestyle and jewellery & watch.

“Last year we launched the first edition of the Asia Lifestyle Consumer Profile to understand the differences and commonalities in consumer outlooks across Asia”, said Bluebell Group President and CEO, Ashley Micklewright. “With this second volume, keeping in mind the different post-COVID policies in each market, we explore the evolution of these trends and of the main consumer personas in Asia, and dive deeper into some of the biggest opportunities for lifestyle retail, from Instagram preferences to the growing appetite for niche brands, second-hand products and eco-conscious desires.”