Bluebell Group expands its beauty category in the Taiwan market with Greek natural beauty brand KORRES

9月 22, 2021

Bluebell Group expands its beauty category in the Taiwan market with Greek natural beauty brand KORRES

September 2021 – Bluebell Group, Asia’s leading omnichannel brand partner and operator, announced its partnership with KORRES, the globally renowned Greek natural beauty brand, as part of the brand’s global expansion and focus on mono-brand retail stores.

The partnership kicked off with the opening of KORRES’s first store in Taipei at the Zhongxiao Sogo department store on 1st September and a few days later, a second counter was opened at Mitsukoshi A11 Xinyi Place, as well as its own local e-commerce store.

Founded in 1996 by Giorgos Korres -a Pharmacist- and Lena Korres -a Chemical Engineer-, KORRES is inspired by their homeland, nature, apothecary heritage, science and aesthetics. Born out of the oldest herbal-homeopathic apothecary of Greece and based on the deep knowledge of the more than 3,000 herbal remedies of the apothecary, KORRES has a clear purpose to create safe and clinically effective natural skincare products. This has been their springboard for pioneering the KORRES Full Circle process. From seed to skin and back, the brand takes full ownership and responsibility of every step of the process; from ethical sourcing of raw materials, supporting local farming communities and the zero-waste herb extraction to primary research, the discovery of natural actives, the advanced natural formulation, sustainable design and finally the reuse of packaging waste.

With an extensive portfolio of over 400 products ranging from multi-awarded breakthrough skincare, to indulging bodycare, colour-with-skincare-benefits and premium fragrances, KORRES enjoys presence in 30 markets and 11,000 points of sale, including the extensive network of 6,500 pharmacies in their homeland, Greece.

“We are delighted to be part of the KORRES brand expansion in Asia, and bring a complete natural beauty offer to Taiwan sophisticated consumers. This expansion marks an important milestone for the brand’s growth in Asia as a recognized beauty player, with its own standalone stores. According to a recent survey* we carried out in September across six Asian markets, Taiwanese consumers were the second largest group of consumers, after the Mainland Chinese, to lean towards a change in their consumption habits with regards to showing preference for natural products- 89% of them agreed that they would now prefer to buy brands who use natural ingredients,” commented Samy Redjeb, Managing Director, Bluebell Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

“Bluebell Taiwan expertise, know-how and long-standing experience guarantees our promising entry into the Taiwan market. This is a milestone in the brand’s journey, in the context of our strategic expansion in the Asian market. We are inviting anyone who is looking for safe and effective natural beauty, for products that are good for the skin and the environment, identifying with our values, to join our Full Circle universe and enjoy the experience,” said KORRES founder Giorgios Korres.

“We are delighted for the strategic partnership with Bluebell for the market of Taiwan in the SEA region. We believe that it is the right partner to introduce the original seed to skin beauty brand KORRES in the market, bringing the alluring natural Greek beauty to life,” commented Panagiotis Drosos, Global Business Development Director, KORRES.

About Bluebell Group Taiwan

Bluebell Group has pioneered building successful brands in Asia since 1954. As Asia’s partner of choice, Bluebell Group is present in Japan, South Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Macau SAR, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Australia. The Group operates across multiple product categories: Accessories, Footwear, Apparel, Fragrance, Beauty, Gourmet, Jewellery, Watches, Eyewear and Tobacco.

A leader in the fashion retail space, Bluebell Taiwan has over 35 years’ experience with over 200 employees, and operates over 50 direct retail as well as wholesale and e-commerce for 20+ leading luxury, fashion, lifestyle, gourmet and tobacco brands to date. Bluebell Taiwan is a joint-venture partner with Brunello Cucinelli, a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, and at the end of 2020, Bluebell Group brought the Italian chocolate brand Venchi into the Taiwanese market. A family-owned group, Bluebell Group today has over 3,800 employees, 650 points-of-sale, US$2b in turnover.

*Asia Lifestyle Consumer Profile, Bluebell Group, http://bluebellgroup.com/market-insights/


KORRES is a Greek beauty brand, born out of Athens’ oldest homeopathic pharmacy in 1996. Founded by Greek Pharmacist Giorgos Korres that believes in the innate potency of natural ingredients and Chemical Engineer Lena Korres that believes that nature is the inspiration for scientific discovery. With Greece, nature, its apothecary
heritage, science and aesthetics being the driving forces, KORRES delivers safe, effective, clean plant-powered products, enjoying brand presence across the globe. Following its conscience since the 90s, KORRES proudly owns the process from seed to skin and back through six distinctive Labs, reflecting the brand’s Full Circle approach to beauty: Soil Lab, Extraction Lab, Molecular Lab, Formulation Lab, Design Lab, Recycle Lab. From the soil and seeds, the extraction process, the primary and biological research to the formulation based on hundreds of efficacy and safety tests, the design and back to recycling and the re-use of all the components.


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Photo- KORRES store
Photo- KORRES store
Photo- KORRES e-commerce

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