Meet the Bluebell Family

Ashley Micklewright

President & CEO

Bluebell Group

Pierre Buet

General Manager, Bluebell Korea

Carine Pin

Group Business Development Director

Bluebell Group

Nelly Ngadiman

Managing Director 

Bluebell South East Asia & Australia

Serge Grebert

President & Representative Director

Bluebell Japan

Daniel Mayran


Bluebell Korea

Samy Redjeb

Managing Director

Bluebell Greater China

Laurent de Rougemont

Managing Director

Davidoff of Geneva Asia Ltd.

Jacky Leung

Chief Information and Digital Officer

Bluebell Group

Anne Geronimi

Group Communication Director

Bluebell Group

Pierre Balsan

Managing Director

Bluebell Cambodia

The beauty of Bluebell is that you learn every day. Everyone at Bluebell is an entrepreneur and strives for innovation. Our management encourages us to share our ideas as we are the local experts interacting with local partners and consumers. Training is key in career development and every year we can choose which area of improvement we want to focus on.

Patsy Ong, Retail Operations Manager, Singapore

Spirit of partnership is a key value at Bluebell and we truly live by that. We work closely with our brand and local partners to deliver the best customer experience ever. At Bluebell, we are called to be proactive and creative to support the growth of the business, a family business.

Rob Ou Yau, Retail Marketing Assistant Manager, Singapore

While moving from France to Singapore, I had to make the new place my home and have a new family. Bluebell is part of it. What I enjoy most is to manage projects from concept to execution. I will always remember the opening of the Venchi store at MBS and the smile of all my colleagues that day.

Marie-Alice Scheibling, Assistant Brand Manager, Singapore (F&B)

My best memory at Bluebell is the incredible teamwork done for the 0.3 Fashion Collection party for the second anniversary of It was my first large scale project. We turned an old cinema in Chinatown into an event space, which hosted over 300 guests, including top press, celebrities, KOLs and socialites.

Gillian Chow Jing Jing, PR & Marketing Manager, Malaysia

I started my adventure at Bluebell 28 years ago. Since then I have worked with different brands and teams. Bluebell has offered me the opportunity to join different types of training and I have experienced quality of service and performance-focused approach. Our company culture empowers individuals and we are all called to develop problem solving skills.

Rosnani Salam, Retail Operations Manager, Singapore

We are all entrepreneurs striving for innovation. All our decisions are informed by strong retail intelligence and market insights exchange within the Group. What I enjoy the most is the adrenaline for the launch of new collections and buying seasons, during which we curate our brands’ offer based on our consumers’ taste.

Rena Lim, Merchandising Manager, Singapore

When I landed at Bluebell, 16 years ago, I was looking for a long-term position in a company that could offer me the opportunity to grow. Bluebell is a big company, yet a family business and we feel it. Every year we have our annual dinner and we spend the evening altogether, office and store staff, we get to know each other and we have a lot of fun.

Chan Suet Ling, Finance & Account Manager, Malaysia

I have been at Bluebell for 15 years. Family integrity is the value that resonates the most to me. I feel valued as an individual and part of a big family, where everyone’s contribution is equally valued. Since I joined I have been offered the opportunity to develop soft skills, boosting self-confidence and communication, and product knowledge.

Wiza Binti Samsudin, Retail Operations Manager Davidoff Of Geneva, Tobacco Division, Malaysia

At Bluebell, the real communication starts with faith in each other. A team with excellent communication is always in a good mood. Synergy occurs when store and office staff share the same values and communicate with each other effectively. When we have a problem, we solve it altogether, as a team.

Hee-Jung PARK, Store Manager of Celine, Korea

In each store, all of us work as a team. We discuss challenges in daily operations and together try to find solutions because our common goal is quality of service.

Young-Shin CHO, Store Manager of Parfum Christian Dior, Korea

My role is to help smooth communication between the office and store staff to achieve our objectives. My goal is to create a collaborative working environment where everyone works towards the same objectives. People’s smile is the most rewarding part of my job.

Kyung-Sook PARK, Bluebell Manager, Korea

My biggest achievement at Bluebell Group was building the team for our JV with OWNDAYS. In 2 years, we opened 11 stores, and I was involved in the whole process from recruiting to training talents . After 2 years, we have a low turnover rate and I feel I was able to create a family within the Bluebell family. I am a people’s person, that’s why I chose to pursue my career in HR.

Carmen Ko, Senior Human Resources Officer, Hong Kong

I joined Bluebell Group 17 years ago, and every day I feel we are a family. We set goals and we all work together towards them. I am in charge of Davidoff and my best memory was the business trip to Cuba and Dominican Republic with my colleagues to learn about the products in our stores. Having the product knowledge and interesting stories to tell our customers is fundamental to build quality of service.

Mimi Chan, Shop Manager of Acanta, Hong Kong

I joined Bluebell Group in 1996 and it really feels like family. A family that makes you grow. I started off as sales staff, moved to senior sales staff, supervisor and I have recently become assistant manager.

Joanna Tsang, Assistant Manager of OC Moschino, Hong Kong

Bluebell Next 2019 was one of my favorite moments at Bluebell. In January 2019, Bluebell hosted a meeting for employees to share achievements and discuss business challenges. The cross-functional, cross-brand, cross-country meeting allowed me to experience that the diversity of our people, our brands and our networks is something truly unique in terms of luxury distribution in Asia.

Melissa Anwar, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager Davidoff Of Geneva, Hong Kong

At Bluebell work is a true learning journey. I learnt about pairing of cigar blends with various wines and spirits, cultivation, ageing and blending of tobacco leaves and how slight changes in the process can alter the whole experience. The beauty of my work is to combine the products with art and dining and create content to engage consumers.

Heymon Wong, Digital Designer of ODAG, Hong Kong

I joined Bluebell in 2013. Since then, I immediately felt part of a big family, especially while solving problems. I am now part of the Retail Field Coaching Program and I have the chance to share my experience with new retail staff and walk them through the journey of building quality of service for our brand partners and connecting with the customers.

Lee Mei Yi Chloe, Shop Supervisor, Moschino, Hong Kong

Markets are constantly changing and innovation is key to breakthrough for success. Bluebell training is designed around the Group’s entrepreneurial spirit and performance-focused approach. In 2013, my team won the HKRMA award for quality of service, an important retail excellence recognition for putting people first, both employees and customers.

Cho Li, Shop Supervisor, Davidoff of Geneva, Hong Kong

At Bluebell, we all feel like entrepreneurs. We work in an ever-changing environment and we continuously monitor it to improve our customers’ experience by implementing new solutions. My team is in charge of providing the best tools for the behind-the-scenes operations. The biggest challenge, but also biggest accomplishment was to facilitate the implementation of a new CRM tool across the Group.

Cyrus Tse, Team Leader, Group IT Digital Projects, Hong Kong

I joined Bluebell in 2017 as IT Support. At Bluebell, working with different brand partners across the region, I have the chance to work on different projects every day and it is fascinating how much I have been learning in the past few years. Tech is my passion and at Bluebell I can nurture it while exploring new business applications.

CHAN Tan Fat Tan Gaetan, IT Support, Hong Kong

All my fond memories at Bluebell are around the people, starting from our shareholder Catherine Goemans, who is always a source of inspiration. I’ve always been fascinated by working with people coming from so many different places and backgrounds, today this remains an ever enriching experience and what I enjoy most about my job. Bluebell is a people company and that’s why we are a good match!

Veronica Corsi, Communication & Research Bluebell Representative Office, Milan & Paris

I joined Bluebell in 2012, and had the chance to grow within the company, being involved in several projects given the variety of brands and categories in our portfolio. We have a strong spirit of partnership and we work closely with our brands and local partners, so every day is exciting and I learn new things.

Jenny Yen, Brand Manager, Taiwan

My journey at Bluebell started with me falling in love with one of the brands the Group manages, and 10 years later I am still proud to be part of the same team. Being part of Bluebell means building a brand’s value and uniqueness for Asian consumers. We don’t only sell their products, we create luxury experiences that connect brands and customers.

Carol Chi, Senior Store Supervisor of Blumarine, Taiwan

Being part of the Bluebell family, giving value to individuals is part of our company culture. I felt it as soon as I joined the company, same as the entrepreneurial approach and spirit of partnership that pervade all our activities. What makes Bluebell a great place to work are people, from top management to store staff, we are a family.

Olivia Weng, Accessories Division Director, Taiwan

I am part of Bluebell’s digital team, based in Taiwan. While each market has its own digital team, across the region, we all share similar challenges and work closely with each other to build localized luxury ecosystems for our brands. Our goal is to maintain high standards of quality of service for all our brands regardless of the channel of distribution.

Wendy Yang, Digital Manager, Taiwan