Plan C to strengthen operations in Japan, in partnership with the Bluebell Group

May 11, 2023

Plan C to strengthen operations in Japan, in partnership with the Bluebell Group

May 2023
– PLAN C and Bluebell Group are pleased to announce their partnership in order to further extend the brand’s presence in the Japanese market, starting the operation in August at Isetan’s Shinjuku in Tokyo and Umeda Hankyu in Osaka, to be followed by the opening of a flagship store in Tokyo.

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PLAN C is a high-end women’s and accessories brand, deeply rooted in edgy design, daring color sensibility, experimentation, and uncompromising quality. The collection reflects the unique take on fashion of Carolina Castiglioni, Founder and Creative Director of the brand. Her individual and modern approach, matching masculine and feminine elements, playing with striking colors and bold prints, as well as mixing tailoring and utility references to create an ideal wardrobe of long-lasting garments. Creative disciplines deeply influence Carolina’s work, resulting in eye-catching signature graphics with a warm, human touch.

The Bluebell Group is a pioneer in Asia in brand and retail development, operating 150 brands across the region and today in the Japanese market it manages over 50 global brands. Targeting a sophisticated consumer looking for uncompromising quality, who is daring and open to experimentation, Bluebell Japan will manage the brand’s overall presence including local marketing activation, and omni-channel operations.

Gianni Castiglioni, brand CEO commented: “I am very proud to announce this partnership with Bluebell which boasts on a strong and long-lasting experience in the distribution of luxury brands that can rely nowadays on a strong presence and an excellent reputation in all Asian markets. Japan represents a key strategic market for Plan C and through this partnership PLAN C is willing to consolidate and develop its presence by maintaining very high standards of image and service and to strengthen its positioning thanks to new mono-brand store openings, communication and marketing activities, aimed at increasing the awareness of the brand within the Japanese market.”

Serge Grebert, President of Bluebell Japan, added: “We strongly believe that PLAN C’s quality garments and edgy designs will be highly appreciated by our sophisticated Japanese customers. The idea of a long-lasting wardrobe which mixes utility and tailoring is a unique trait that we will share with Japanese women to raise awareness of the brand. Bluebell is honored to represent PLAN C and we look forward to a successful long-term expansion of the brand in Japan.”

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Plan C is designed by Carolina Castiglioni, thinking beyond trends and seasons for a distinctive view of a contemporary lifestyle that speaks to independent, empowered women who can be highly sophisticated and irresistibly playful and ironic at the same time.

Headquartered in a space in the heart of Milan, which housed Carolina’s great grandmother’s fur atelier in the 60’, Plan C offers individual and modern collections, matching masculine and feminine elements and playing with striking colors and bold prints. Edgy design, daring color sensibility, experimentation and uncompromising quality are the distinguishing elements of high-end women’s and accessories label.

Crafted from special materials with a charming tactile feel, Plan C’s long-lasting and meaningful garments are designed to become the uniforms of real, powerful, and determined women.

Press Contact: http://celeste.morozzi@plan-c.com


Bluebell Japan is the Bluebell Group’s first entry into the Asian market, established 69 years ago. Today in Japan, the Group has 700+ employees, operates direct retail as well as wholesale and e-commerce for 50+ leading fragrance, beauty, fashion, footwear, watches, jewelry, gourmet and cigar brands. A pioneer in multi-channel retail excellence, Bluebell Japan is a market leader in fragrance, with its own multi-brand concept stores L’Atelier des Parfums.

A family-owned group, Bluebell Group today has over 3,800 employees, 650 points-of-sale, US$2b in turnover.


Press Contact: ageronimi@bluebellgroup.com

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